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Pendulum Dowsing for Beginners
by Tim Doyon, Paranormal Investigator & Certified Parapsychologist
Copyright of " writings & photos" belongs solely to Tim Doyon

My introduction to the use of a pendulum came to me a bit differently then most. It was when I was very young and just beginning my journey into the art of magic - not magic in the witchcraft sense, but magic and illusion. As a child, every birthday or Christmas would bring me a new magic set and believe me, I tried to perform nearly every trick ever described. I read every book I could find about Houdini, Harry Blackstone, Mark Wilson, Bill Bixby and countless other magicians of that era. Somewhere in one of those books, I found a description of a magic trick involving the use of a pendulum. It said to tie a ring onto a thread and while holding it as a hypnotist would, think of a man. The ring would swing back and forth. Think of a woman and it would swing in a circular motion. I tried it... and it worked. To this day, it is the only magic trick I know... in which I do not know the secret. All I know is that it works, and I have done the trick many many times over the years and it has always done exactly as I expected it would. I don't even have to hold the thread. I can hand it to my spectator and ask them to think of a man or a woman, and I can tell them which of the two they are thinking simply by watching the motion of the string.

As I became interested in the paranormal and started my studies in Parapsychology, I found that dowsing could be used for a lot more then just the Male/Female trick. I learned that there was a history to the use of pendulums that was long and vast. Stories of Dowsers finding everything from water to people date all the way back to the era of the ancient Egyptians, and possibly even as far back as the Biblical days where it is written that Aaron had produced water from stone. In Parapsychology, dowsing falls under the heading of Radiesthesia; the paranormal ability to detect the radiation signature of people, (the human aura) and other items. It is believed that all things have their own radiation "signature". Those who practice the art of dowsing use their tools, whether it be the dowsing rods or the pendulum to hone in on the vibrations of those radiations. It is also believed that when dowsing we are able to tap into our own subconscious and the vibrations all around us to find the answers to questions we could not possibly know otherwise.

So how do we start with pendulum dowsing? Well, the first thing you need to do is to purchase a pendulum that is right for you, or you can simply make one. A pendulum is simply a weight hanging from the end of a string of sorts. It can be as simple as a ring tied to the end of a thread, or as fancy as a carved gemstone hanging from a chain. My personal pendulum is made of Tiger Eye and hangs from a sterling silver chain which I wear around my neck. When I first started dowsing, I always used a ring or a steal nut tied to the end of a thread, and I would recommend that beginners do this first to see if they enjoy using a pendulum before they invest in a fancier model. Just find a weight that is to your pleasing... tie it to the end of a thread or string and give it a whirl.

You may want to begin by cleansing your pendulum, and I would highly recommend you do so. There are many techniques used in the cleansing of a pendulum. Mine is very simple... although many may find it strange, I treat my pendulum like a close friend. Sometimes I hang it in the window at night so it can enjoy the light of the moon... or, during the day so it can "sun bathe." Routinely, I will rinse it in cool tap water while I visualize a white light flowing through the water, rinsing my pendulum of any negative energies.

When it's time to dowse, you need to ground yourself. To do this, I spend a moment picturing a white light coming towards me. I picture the light entering the top of my head and flooding my body with it's energies. I picture the white light leaving through my feet, and as I do so I tell my spirit guide that my intention is to receive honest answers to my questions for the good of all concerned. I then ask if I am ready to proceed. If the answer is yes, I begin. If it is no, or I don't know... I will usually light a sprig of sage and run my pendulum through the smoke a few times. If necessary, I will meditate... the goal is to be as relaxed and free of stress as possible.

Holding your pendulum can be done in a few different ways. Many Dowsers simply hold their pendulum between their thumb and index finger, allowing it to hang down a few inches. I prefer to hold mine with the pendulum hanging down about 5-6" with the chain looped once around my index finger and the rest of the chain contained within my hand. Some dowsers prefer to let the pendulum hang down only 1/2" to 3 inches, others like to let it hang a lot lower... just do what is comfortable for you. The following two pictures should help you see what I'm talking about. The first photo shows you a basic way of holding it, and the second is the technique that I use.

If it is your first time using a pendulum, you need to begin by asking your pendulum to show you what its movements mean. Some call this "programming" your pendulum, although I personally feel it is best to let the pendulum show you what the answers look like as apposed to you trying to tell it what to do. Begin by asking your pendulum what a yes answer will look like. If it doesn't begin swinging on it's own, give it a gentle rock and then wait a few moments for the answer to reveal itself. My yes is a counterclockwise rotation. Next, ask what a no answer looks like. For me, a no answer is revealed by a straight back and forth rocking motion. Finally ask what it looks like if the answer is I don't know, or if I'm not meant to know. For myself, this is indicated by a clockwise rotation of the pendulum. Do this as many times as necessary to be sure you know what your answers look like.

For general dowsing, you may want to start off with a few questions that you know the answers to. Also, be sure to only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. For example, you may ask something like, "is my name Tim?" or "am I 45 years old?". Of course, it may work better for you if you insert your own name and age at least once to see if you get your proper yes response. Once you've done this and all is working well, you can move on to more difficult questions. Like anything else, time and practice will improve your responses, and in time your pendulum will amaze you with it's insight and accuracy.

Map dowsing is used to locate everything from water to treasures. When learning to map dowse, start off by hiding something in a room of your house. Then draw a basic map of the room, indicating the basic furniture, etc. Divide the map into a grid and ask your pendulum to show you where the item is hidden. Slowly move your pendulum across the grid, first side to side and then up and down. You should notice that at some point on your map, your pendulum moves differently then it did before. Done slowly and meticulously, this should mark the spot in which you will find your item. Another way is to simply hold your pendulum over each section of the grid and ask it if this is the spot the item is hidden. After you have achieved good results with this technique, try asking someone else to hide the item in the room and try again. Soon you will be ready to move on to real treasures! If you do find a lost city of gold, just don't forget about your old friend Tim here in Oklahoma! Wink wink!

Chart dowsing is yet another version of pendulum dowsing. By using a chart with your pendulum, you can quickly hone in on names, dates, ages, etc. Before beginning your questioning, be sure to ask your spirit guide to join you. Ask if he/she can read & write in your language, and if he/she is willing to use the chart to communicate with you. Assuming the answers come back as a yes, simply hold your pendulum over the bottom center of the chart and ask your questions. The movement of your pendulum will dictate the answers. Have a pad of paper and a pen available and once a letter or number has revealed itself, be sure to write it down. Some answers can be long and you don't want to lose your progress. I've designed a chart for my own use, and you are more then welcome to download, print and use it yourself. Just click the image below for the larger size, then right-click and save the image to get a copy of it for your own use. All I ask is that you give me credit for my work if you decide to post the image anywhere.

Another thing you may consider is to never let anyone else handle your pendulum. If someone touches it, don't freak out and feel you need to burn it at the stake while begging forgiveness from above. It will be fine... just cleanse it again the next chance you get. It is possible that it could absorb the negative energies carried by that individual and you'll want to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Okay, that's it. Just remember to relax and have fun with it. I truly hope you enjoy using a pendulum as much as I do. Take care and happy dowsing!

by Tim Doyon, Paranormal Investigator & Certified Parapsychologist

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